October 2014

Styling Your Rented Home

I love rooting around Etsy’s virtual shelves – for me, it’s one of the best places on the web to find interesting craft and vintage items you simply wouldn’t find anywhere else......

September 2014

My So Called Crafty Life

Cute kitsch vintage owl bud vase.

April 2014

Betty Lous Bakery

Look out for the cotton bud holder with the Elvis Quiff!

March 2014

Studio D Blog

Look at the Deer Bookmarks and our Wooden Blocks .

January 2014

Take Courage Blog

Another happy customer - we were sorry to see the London Shot Glasses go, they were super cute.

November 2013

Lace And Liquor Vintage Blog

A Vintage Christmas Gift Guide - Filling up a stocking full of little, relatively inexpensive presents is something I love the idea of, and certainly know I'll be doing in the future. The list of vintage bits you can fill one with is endless, but here are my ideas. I absolutely love old bambi's, and my collection is getting rather extensive now, although they are missing the more collectable large plastic deers. This one is an absolute beauty.

September 2013

Judy's Vintage Trader Awards

I Heart Vintage - billed as being 'for people who heart vintage homewares for their nest, fabulous florals and unique shabby chic'. Rebecca's display of homeware treasure drew me right in! The branding and selection of items on sale is just bang on - beautiful, nostalgic shabby chic. I adored the selection of childhood-nostalgia items. (After the awards were finished I must admit I headed back to this stall and purchased a small family of plastic deer for the Pudding's bedroom). I love the online shop, the etsy page, and the facebook page which is regularly updated with new treasures.

August 2013

Top 5 Online Shops for Vintage Homewares

Last but not least, is for fans of all things kitsch. If rustic isn't your thing, and you prefer a bit of colour in your life, then I Heart Vintage will be sure to bring a smile to your face. Again, affordable prices for some really fun little treasures.

February 2013

Becky BedBug - House Tour

A regular visitor to our stall at Old Spitalfields Market in London, the lovely Becky BedBug. Featured in this blog post are I Heart Vintage's Piggy Bank, London Salt and Pepper pots and I LOVE YOU wooden blocks.

Everything Looks Rosie Does the Love List

“I’ve saved the best ’til last: I couldn’t resist the gorgeous I Heart Vintage – Rebecca had truly embraced the theme with all things cute, kitsch and Valentine’s-appropriate. Along with her staple offerings of sweet knick-knacks and feminine retro homeware, there was a smattering of Valentine’s-themed objects; highlights for me included these adorable heart tins and vintage ‘Love is’ mirrors. Far from saccharine sweet, I Heart Vintage has a great sense of humour – check out those kitsch ’50s cat figurines and the cheeky Adam and Eve bottle openers that Judy’s previewed on their Facebook page If your loved one has a penchant for florals and love hearts then you would be spoilt for choice, but I Heart Vintage has its tongue firmly in its cheek too and has some brilliant witty gifts. I bought Al some whisky glasses with sweet and funny ‘Scottish scenes’ on for Christmas and there was plenty from here on my Love List today.”

January 2013

Beau Blushes - I Heart Vintage

This week I discovered a superb Etsy seller called Rebecca Chambers, who is the owner of 'I Heart Vintage'. If you love kitsch, you'll love Rebecca's charming range of carefully selected pieces. I purchased a 1950's deer fawn to display next to my Babycham glassware. Bambi (or Doris as Rebecca has lovingly named her) arrived this morning wrapped in a pretty parcel. She also brought a friend along...a mini deer that Rebecca had included as a surprise. It made my day! If you'd like to take a look at 'I Heart Vintage', you can visit the Etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/rebeccaheartsvintage or the website at http://iheartvintage.bigcartel.com/.

November 2012

Mum Retro Design Blog

First of all I would like to dedicate this post to a new friend, Rebecca Chambers. She has an amazing selection of vintage cute homewares and she has been so kind to me ...I just received the smallest Bambie on the planet, so here is a small selection of her bits and bobs, I really recommend visiting her shop at:
http://www.etsy.com/shop/rebeccaheartsvintage and http://iheartvintage.bigcartel.com/.

October 2012

Vintage Shopping Spitalfields

One of my favourite stalls was this one in the above 2 pics - it was jammed packed with quirky and pretty items! I could have spent loads, but had to restrain myself a little! It is run by Rebecca who also has an online shop, called I Heart Vintage! hurrah!

September 2012

Home Girl London - Trends Milk Bottles

Long gone are the days when we had milk delivered to our doorsteps. Hark what’s that I hear rattling? It’s the nostalgic sound of milk bottles once again. I’ve spotted them being used as water bottles in Maison d’etre, Highbury. Drink, Shop & Do in Caledonian Road has them to display dainty flowers on tables and Gathering Moss on Blackstock Road has a range in their window. When I popped into Future & Found in Tufnell Park, the owner Andrea Bates told me that she only had one left because all the others had sold out really quickly. I spotted some cool art style bottles made by Jane Howard in Tracey Neuls, the shoe designer store based in Marylebone Lane. I found handmade porcelain milk bottles with gold stoppers at Folklore on Upper Street which are cast from original English vintage varieties. Pedlars has a large range from 1950s to 1980s and so does rebeccaheartsvintage at Etsy.

Under A Glass Sky - Something From The Weekend

We needed the walk back too, in order to wake me up a little and walk off the gluttony….so we ambled over to Old Spitalfields Market, where we met friends Kate and Jason to potter around Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair. I’d been eying up a little Hornsea Pottery Fauna Deer Vase the last time the fair was there, and I’d decided that if the stall still had it, I’d get it! And sure enough, the pretty I Heart Vintage stall was there as usual, and their shelf of cutesy deer ornaments still contained what I was after! I snapped it up and also spent a while snooping their other treasures and getting ever so tempted by various vintage tins, cuckoo clocks and weather houses!

August 2012

Becky BedBug at Judys Vintage Fair Spitalfields


Ok, so it is time for the Victory Ceremony. Who won my gold medal for favourite trader of the day? Get the Union Jack ready, belt out the National Anthem and sing your little hearts out for I Heart Vintage! Cambridge-based I Heart Vintage is owned by the absolutely lovely Rebecca Chambers. Not only did she recognise me from my visit in April, but she could remember exactly what it was I had bought. Now that is customer service for you! How lovely to experience a seller who truly cares about every single customer!

Rebecca takes great care over the presentation of her stall and I'm sure you'll agree that it is absolute perfection.

On awarding Rebecca with her medal, I stretched my journalistic wings and interviewed her with some grilling questions to get you a juicy exclusive... Ok, I'm totally lying. Though I did ask some little questions to give us a little insight into the brains behind I Heart Vintage. Rebecca's favourite eras for vintage are the 1950s and 1970s due to the chintzy homewares and because "kitschness owns my heart" (I hear you, girl!). Her favourite item of the day was the Babycham deer (seen above). I was very lucky to get this image as it had sold out by the end of the day. A perfect example of why you should turn up early! Rebecca loves Spitalfields because it is a great place for people watching as everybody is different and there's great fashion and architecture. Not to mention the cute little dogs everywhere! If you are planning a visit to Judy's Vintage Fair, do pay I Heart Vintage a visit. Though not before me. Don't go stealing all the best stuff before I get there! I have to agree with Rebecca about people watching. There are stylish folk abound, from the vintage perfectionists to the quirky eccentrics.

July 2012

Etsy Stalker - Vintage Clocks

We come onto a guilty secret of mine, I adore cuckoo clocks, they are enormous fun and can look totally kitsch like this one from Rebecca Hearts Vintage or quite chic. I love this one complete with it’s kitschness.